My fiancé and I went on this adventure with Kristin’s amazing assistant Layson, she has such a bubbly personality and had lots of cool and interesting facts about the area and plants/wildlife around! She created such an open and relaxed environment so we had great conversations along the way learning about each other’s journeys in life. We didn’t expect to have such an intimate time since going into it never having done a real photo shoot, it made the atmosphere feel like we were with a long time friend. I would recommend this experience to EVERYONE! The view is so amazing and worth the trip, the hike was moderate and went really smoothly, I didn’t feel too overworked and we laughed at some silly moments on the rocks (they get a little slippery at the waterfall). Groups of families, couples and friends, it’s a great opportunity for anyone. Plus the photos came out amazing, we are very impressed with it all and hope to see this company flourish!

Waterfall Photoshoot Tour

July 10, 2019



Such a great adventure! Kristin is really awesome and easy to talk to. Makes you feel really comfortable so photos aren't too posey or awkward. I definitely recommend it! wear some good boots though, the roads are dirt so we got a little bit muddy

River Arts District Photoshoot Tour

Dec 23rd 2018



We had an awesome time and would definitely recommend this experience! It was a great balance of visiting galleries and studios and taking photos. I received the pictures by email two days later and they are high quality and captured us perfectly. We love them and are so happy we have them to commemorate our trip to Asheville!

River Arts District Photoshoot Tour

Dec 22nd 2018


Kristin was an amazing guide and showed us so many beautiful works of art and gems in the River Arts District. After telling her our objective with the photo shoot, she went above and beyond to make sure that we would have memories to take back home that would last a lifetime. Would highly recommend booking this experience as apart of your trip to Asheville or other travel photography experiences with Kristin. 5 stars!!

River Arts District Photoshoot Tour


Dec 21st 2018


 I decided to take short vacation in Asheville and booked this photo tour for my first day there. I had so much fun on this tour. Kristin showed us around the River Arts District pointing out the different graffiti art styles that decorate the walls of the place. The photographs she took were amazing. They really captured the awesomeness of the place and me, of course. Thanks to this experience, I have some amazing pictures to show my family and friends from my trip to Asheville.

River Arts District Photoshoot Tour


Dec 28st 2018


Waterall hiking tour asheville

Kristin was a great communicator, wonderful host and amazing photographer. From her advice on breakfast spots, to her exceptional knowledge about the hike and what Asheville has to offer, she was awesome. The photographs were the cherry on top, and Kristin helped us reveal our wonderful baby news with photos from the hike. I recommend this tour for sure if you want a seamless experience, a beautiful hike and amazing pictures to capture the moments. Thank you, Kristin for a perfect ending to our 5th wedding anniversary celebration, and helping us capture the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

Waterfall Photoshoot Tour

Nov 28th,2018


Jason&ElanaGoodman_2018_Asheville NC_Kri

Kristin is a great tour guide and an amazing photographer. We truly enjoyed spending part of Thanksgiving with Kristin. The hike is just beautiful and the waterfall is spectucular. We had a great time and highly recommend doing this hike and photo shoot with Kristin.

Waterfall Photoshoot Tour

Nov18th 2018


Kristin is a great guide! I can't wait to get the pictures she shot of my GF and I. She also was very patient with our questions as she gave us a private lesson on the use of our Nikon DSLR that we finally brought out to use multiple years after its purchase. That's right...she took the time to teach us not only the basics, but some great tricks (lengthening shutter speed to make flowing whitewater look like silk is just one example). Kristin was able to give us some history of the area we were hiking, pointed out plants, really cool mushrooms and other fungi, along with spots to leave the trail to get some really great shots. If you only have your cell's camera, no problem. Kristin was patient and even eager to take any photo you could envision in your mind...with her high end Canon! (Kristin is also great at putting you in positions to get awesome shots that may have never even CROSSED your mind. It became clear to many behind us, on the trail, that we had the inside track on some sweet photo-spot-secrets, that they followed us to a couple of the hidden gems. As a couple, we often, hell, nearly always feel awkward having "us" pictures taken lol. Kristin was able to put us at ease and encourage us to make the most of the beautiful backdrop, a great guide and photographer, and our red noses. Bottom line, this is THE couples activity. I can only imagine how great it would also be for families or singles looking to learn about photography...WITHOUT spending an hour Googling where to hike, places to park, selecting a worthwhile waterfall among many, and how to get beautiful pictures of it all. I'm not talking pictures you took of your family without you in them. Let an expert like Kristin give you a break, while making you look like a hero. You really can't go wrong. Thanks again Kristin! You're the best. 

Waterfall Photoshoot Tour


Dec 20st 2018


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