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Music After Dark: A Specialty Tour

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

The musicians in this area are by far some of the best performers you’d ever witness perform in this country! Many of these skilled artists have their own bands, collaborate with other band members on creative projects, are in the sound studios recording, perform in solos/duos, go on tour , and perform locally on a regular basis. Music of all styles and the fans who recognize each style, or a few, are an appreciative audience because they know the talent that exists in this area. It’s no wonder ‘Rolling Stones’ magazine titled Asheville, “Music City”! Enjoy an unforgettable experience with Asheville Explore Tours, Music After Dark Tour. Register on the website! ✌️❤️🎼 Eric Congdon Guitar, @patrick armitage 🥁 @jake wolf (bass🎸), Jesse Barry & The Jam🎤📷

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