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Who Needs NOLA When You Live In AVL? (day 2)

Whoneeded NOLA with the incredible music happening in this amazing music town...a total Carnival of the festive music of Mardi Gras was heard in many venues!! Mardi Gras with The Sufi Brothers was so intensely, insanely good, I needed a nap in my car before the next party! All four of these incredible musicians were TEARING it up!! Thanks to y’all for an amazing night of music and to the beautiful venue, Little Jumbo, for the party! Aaron Woody Wood(guitar, vocals), Jason Krekel(fiddle, guitar, vocals), Jay Sanders(upright bass), Micah Thomas(drums)!🔥🔥🔥🔥 Support local live music...medicine for the soul.✌️❤️🎼

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