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A Huge THANKS to Musicians for Time, Talent & Love, Supporting Local Benefits and Fundraisers!

Dorsey Parker's Big Benefit Band/Chalwa band brought the great sounds of music in bringing awareness to Brain Injury Awareness month...a silent epidemic. Conscious Brews 2020 at Highland Brewing Company, was extremely well attended and supported. This community comes together in love like I’ve never seen.

❤️ A huge thanks to the ahhmazingly talented artists for contributing their time, energy, skills, and love...Dorsey Parker Ian Reardon Laura Blackley Jack C Mascari Melissa McKinney Fatty Be Dennis Chalwa Berndt Keith Held Richard Foulk David Zoll Pam Rivers Williams(please tag), and sound engineer extraordinaire,Jay Ferris!! Support local, live music....medicine for the soul.✌️❤️🎼 Asheville Explore Tours

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