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A Smorgasbord Feast of Song-Sisters Every Monday Nite @ Walnut Bar.

What another beautiful Monday night of exquisitely played, sung in perfect harmony with such passion, originals and cover tunes, from each of these incredibly talented songsisters! CaroMia Tiller, singer/songwriter, hosts this event every Monday night 8-10, 2 different local songsisters, changing every month at 5 Walnut Wine Bar!

It’s a smorgasbord feast of incredibly talented local female artists! 🔥 Nicole Nicolopoulos, lead singer in video, Ashley Heath and Caromia providing back up vocals and instruments. Each performs in the round, taking you in a circular trance on a dreamy musical journey of love and days gone by.😌❤️ 🎼 Come out and feel all of the “feels” on any Monday night! Each performs in bands and other collaborations, check out their fb pages! and Spiridon Nicolopoulos Band)

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