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Asheville's 49th LEAF Festival

LEAF Community Arts is a non-profit organization established to build community and enrich lives through the Arts – locally and globally – with festivals, community events and arts education programs.

Heard a guitar wailin, knew immediately it was Brandon "Taz" Niederauer, a Rising SIXTEEN year old Star! Called His Memphis Blues friends onstage Southern Avenue, and it was a FULL on Jam! Electrifying Psychedelic Blues/Rock/Soul! And the crowd went wild again when TAZ appeared by night at Eden Hall! These two bands have and will perform again in Asheville, look for them, a seriously Bluesy/Rockin’ out good time! Check them out below!

LEAF rain gonna dampen our music mood....the music is HOT every where you stop The Barn, Parker Ainsworth, gritty Western Soul Folk band soothed, brought smiles to everyone! Even had a “koombaya” moment of singing along, so beautiful.☺️🙏 Recognized guitar player local Zack Kardon playing. Moving on to experience some Ecstatic dancing in a huge hall of just dancin and movin to the great groove of NataDas, a moving event for all ages 💃🏻🕺🏼👧🏻👦🏻 The Main stage was an awesome surprise... La Santa Cecilia, Latin and Pan American World beat!🔥 Powerful vocals and guitar, damn, it was Rockin, it was Salsa, the crowd swayed, movin and some singing in Spanish at the top of their lungs! I’m feeling the love all weekend! What an amazing music/art festival!✌️❤️🎼

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