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Hello all of you Asheville Music Lovers!

Christine on the Scene here to update you on some tasty treats! Nibble….. or take a BIG bite out of these! We have your Tuesday's, Wednesdays and Thursdays covered for the summer.

SUMMER LOVIN’ THURSDAYS-DANCE PARTY! @ The Block off Biltmore 8-11 on Thursdays all summer long!
Peggy Ratusz and Daddy Longlegs/ Asheville Music Blog

3 incredibly dynamic and engaging, beautiful (inside and out), female vocalists, will be rotating throughout the summer and will be sure to please your dancin’ feet and spirit! The incomparable, 7 time winning Best of WNC in blues, Peggy Ratusz(of Peggy Ratusz and Daddy Longlegs and many other amazing bands consisting of trios and quartet assembles, put together by hers truly), the ever electrifying Ms. Paula Hanke (of Peggy and Paula’s “Love is a Rose” Linda Ronstadt tribute show), and the ever popular, energy abounding, Ms. Jesse Barry (of Jesse Barry and the Jam), will absolutely ROCK your socks completely OFF (maybe you shouldn’t wear them), to some beltin’ blues/Motown/R & B, with a mix of some of the most incredibly talented band members!

I GUARANTEE that you’ll need a mop and towel to wipe off the sweat puddle you’re going to have on and around your beautiful bods!! After dancing to each of these 3 beautiful Songstresses and bands performances, you’ll want to attend more of their upcoming shows on an ongoing basis!

I recommend HOT JAM – EARLY TUESDAY! @ The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall 8-11 every Tuesday

This Jam is a complete treat because it is always different, allowing for as much diversity in song selection/style/genre to reflect a cross-section of the Asheville music scene and our world at large. A plethora of musicians from the local area are featured (instrumental or vocal) from inside the Asheville community and anywhere beyond to sit in and share in some joyful sonic expansion for the eyes and ears of an audience, that changes each week!

An amazing amalgamation of 4 astounding musicians take the stage each week forming the house band…JP Furnas (smooth bass), Lenny Petinelli(keys and vocals to delight), Sean Mason (kick butt drums), and a featured guest! Such great variety.

Local tip: go to HUMP DAYS ARE DA BLUES DAYS! @ The Block off Biltmore from 9-12 every Wedensday.g

Hump days are da bombdiggitty, especially where you’ll witness and groove to Asheville’s legend, Ruby Mayfield, (on saxophone and vocals like no other), Jeffrey Rudolph (drums extraordinaire) host their friends in taking it to new heights in some of the best blues jammin’ around these parts!

Ruby can be found performing at many local shows and gigs around town, and is not to be missed. Swing and sway, lose yourself to the Blues, traverse a wide range of emotions and musical styles.

There’s your morsels, now come out and sample! You’ll be totally captivated by Asheville’s local music scene and we guarantee that you’ll be back for more! I’m not one to tell you I told ya so…. But, I told ya so!!!

See ya out there in Musicland!

Peace! Love! Music!

-Christine On The Scene

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