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Open Heart Concert: Supporting Border Children

Open Heart Concert Supporting Border Children was an absolutely beautiful afternoon of music by some of the most talented musicians/performers around these parts in a beautiful setting, Swannanoa United Methodist Church! Some nationally and world recognized, and ALL recognized in WNC! A passionate, very moving concert, with all donating their time and talent in order to raise funds to help aid the children at the border detention camps. If you would like to make a donation, or you are interested in continuing to support RAICES (The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), you can learn more and donate using this link A Huge thank you to Jason DeCristofaro for organizing and performing! MANY thanks to Rev.Lisa Beth White and the leadership team at Swannanoa United Methodist Church for providing the beautiful space and helping to organize this concert. Also many thanks to the visual artists Marcia J. Grillo, Jason Rafferty, Leslee AnnReiter, Patricia Oiler Sheley(Pat), Ken Voltz! We all can make a difference by spreading love.✌️❤️🎼 In order of videos/photo appearance....Ellen Trnka, Matt Rose, Linda Mitchell/Kate Kinney Barber, Richard Shulman, Lo Wolf, Kevin Spears, Ruth Cooney, Terry Huntsinger Hall, Kenneth Scott Eggert, Andrew Thelston, Natalie Fitz, Connor Law/Reid Parler/Claire Hoke, Quickchester(Paul Quick,Mark Chester,Nathan Ebanks, @kate Kinney Barber, Ed Barber), Datrian Johnson/Michael Smith! Peggy Ratusz! Performers Not in this post ... Kimberly Hughes, Lydia Marks, Marika Straw, Todd Henry The incredible House band members...Steve Wilson, Walter Kross, Bob Strain, Harry Paul Jacobson, Jason DeCristofaro Music! And thanks to the promotion team!

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