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Peggy Ratusz, WNC Best in Blues!

THISis why Ms.Peggy Ratusz is a 4th consecutive year award winner of WNC Best in blues!!! Peggy and some of the most stellar musicians in the local area performed another INCREDIBLE performance of Love Letter: A Tribute to Bonnie Raitt: Featuring Peggy Ratusz, to a FULL house, sold out, extremely appreciative audience (many deserved standing O’s)!! Such absolutely moving vocals and instrumentation, it draws tears and many jaw drops...Guaranteed! Even Bonnie Raitt agreed...shhh...she was there to witness this for her 70th birthday (ya know I’m kiddin’). Thank you to one of my closest friends of 14 years, Peggy, for singing to me (yes just me..kidding again), one of my favorite songs...I love you sister❤️ 🙏

Please catch the next of this memorable show, and check out every one of these artists music pages...they’re all involved in MANY different bands, collaborations, hosting Music Jams, a plethora of styles, teaching and vocal coaches, writing music articles, and all expert musicians! This music community is full of award winning talent and they Joyfully perform just about every day. Enjoy local live music, it truly is medicine for the Soul.🙏✌️❤️

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